20 Articles Achievement: This Blog is Stopped or Continued ??

Findindonesia.com – For someone who likes writing certainly makes a blog. For those who like to edit movies, they prefer to make the youtube channel.

Including my hobby of writing, I channel it to a blog, one of which is this blog so I can share something useful. I choose the theme of Indonesian travel because I like to travel and culinary.

Before launching, I had made a concept, what articles I would write.

I write what I understand, I know and some I experience. As a native Indonesian born and growing, of course, I understand what we can find in Indonesia.

I think I can help other people understand Indonesia better. Therefore be findindonesia.com

At first, I wasn’t sure whether this blog would have visitors who also read it. And at all, I don’t expect anyone to help share or give a positive response.

Before posting the article I wrote, I always double-check that it is worth reading by someone else. Is there more value sought by visitors.

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Until now where the article has been 20. Surprise…! It turns out that there is much positive appreciation from visitors.

Of course, this is a motivation for me to continue to develop and updated posts in this blog.

Look at the positive comments from findindonesia.com readers from all corners of the world.

I express my gratitude for the appreciation. That’s new energy for me. Because what I actually wrote is still very little.

And it seems like the option to sell this blog doesn’t work (if progress isn’t good). I hope that after this I can write better.

Well, see you in the next article, friend..! Now I am heavy sleepy. Hehe…

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