3 National Animals and 3 National Flowers of Indonesia

Findindonesia.com – Indonesia is a country that has considerable and varied natural wealth. In essence, natural wealth is a gift from God that must be properly guarded. unfortunately, not all humans realize it.

As a result, not a few of the gifts were damaged so that their existence became reduced and potentially became extinct.

Even worse, he is very distinctive, only exists in Indonesia, and becomes a national pride. Can attract tourists to come so that it can increase the national economy.

This time the theme discussed is about national animals and flowers in Indonesia. Establishment of national animals and flowers is an effort to preserve these rare animals and flowers.

From there it is hoped that there will be a sense of caring, a sense of belonging, a sense of national pride for each individual citizen to look after them.

If so, rare animals and flowers can be prevented from extinction, so that later generations will not only know in history books.

Through the 1993 Presidential Decree signed by President Soeharto at that time, the government established national animals and flowers of Indonesia, with the following reasons and grounds:

  1. Very characteristic because of its existence which is only found in Indonesia
  2. Because of its scarcity, its population is declining
  3. And because of the cultural background that surrounds it


1. Komodo (Varanus komodoensis)
Komodo Dragon the national animals of Indonesia

Komodo is one of the typical Indonesian animals that can only be found in Indonesia. Its habitat is in the Komodo National Park on the Island Of Komodo, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Included in the reptile class, Komodo has a long and quite large body (length 2-3 meters and weight 100 kg). So called the Giant Lizard or Komodo Dragon. Komodo is considered the only prehistoric animal left.

And because of its uniqueness, the Komodo dragon is designated as a national animal, as an Indonesian national identity. In other words, if you remember the Komodo dragon, then remember Indonesia. And at least 100,000 foreign tourists come to Komodo Island every year.

2. Red Siluk Fish/Red Arowana (Sclerophages formosus)
Red Arowana the National Animals of Indonesia. Source : hewanmu.blogspot.com

Red Siluk fish (Arowana), are native Indonesian animals originating from the River Kapus, West Kalimantan. Siluk fish or Red Arowana fish are the best and most expensive species of Arowana fish among several families of Arowana around the world.

In the wild, the development of red Arowana fish shows a negative trend. The population is getting longer and smaller. The reason is that poaching and its low breeding power make it endangered.

This fish trade must have a special permit that is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture Decree, which is fish from captivity. Not captured from native habitat.

3. Java Eagle/Garuda (Spizaetus bartelsi)
Java Eagle or Garuda.-he national animals of Indonesia. Source: regional.kompas.com

Victims of illegal poaching and slow breeding, these are two things that happened to the Java eagle. Java eagle is very rare and rarely found. This animal is said to only have 600 inhabitants in the wild.

Though this bird becomes the symbol of the Indonesian state. Its body shape is sturdy and quite large, which is 60-70 cm long, making it a symbol of the state, namely the Garuda Pancasila.


1. Jasmine (Jasminum sambac)
Jasmine-the national flowers of Indonesia

Jasmine flower is a flower that is quite inherent with the Indonesian nation. This can be seen from many areas that use Jasmine in traditional rituals, regional traditions. Examples in Java are used to decorate weddings.

This Jasmine flower whose color is plain white, and fragrant, is considered to represent the nature of holiness, purity, and simplicity, but can provide calm and comfort for people to smell it.

So the establishment of Jasmine flowers as a national flower is to seem to represent the character of the Indonesian nation which is famous for its simplicity, friendliness, and sincerity.

2. Moon Orchid (Palaenopsis amabilis)
Jasmine flower-the national flowers of Indonesia. Soyrce : pixabay.com

Moon Orchid is a native Indonesian flower. Moon Orchid flowers were first discovered by a Dutch botanist, Dr. C.L. Blume.

The shape and color of the orchid are very beautiful. Based on its characteristics, Moon Orchids include monopodial plants that like a little sunlight as a support for their lives. So that this plant is found in the interior of tropical forests.

With the development of plant cultivation technology, now Orchid flowers can now be bred with tissue culture technology so that it can prevent the species from potential extinction.

3. Giant Flower (Rafflesia arnoldi)
Rafflesia Arnoldi-the national flowers of Indonesia. Source : potretbengkulu.com

This giant flower which is almost similar to the carcass flower was first discovered in 1818 in Bengkulu by the Dutch Indian governor at that time Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, with his guide Dr. Joseph Arnold. From there came the name Rafflesia Arnoldi.

This flower is very unique, unlike other flower beds with stems, and leaves, Rafflesia flowers only appear on the surface of the blooming flower petals. Rafflesia flowers are quite large, about 50 cm in height, 10 kg in weight and 70-110 cm in diameter.

The preservation of this rare flower is threatened by a number of things such as forest fires, a decrease in the area of ​​Sumatran forests due to illegal logging.

And worse, as a rare national flower, so far Rafflesia flowers have never been successfully planted outside their natural habitat, which can only be found around the Bengkulu Area.

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