6 Religions that are Only Recognized and Allowed in Indonesia

FindIndonesia.com – In this world there have been many religious and religious traditions, such as dynamism, monotheism, polytheism and atheism. But if we are talking about religions in Indonesia, there are 6 religions that are allowed to develop and live peacefully.

The foundation of religious life in Indonesia is guaranteed by the basis of the state “PANCASILA” and the 1945 Constitution of Republic Indonesia.

Pancasila means 5 basic principles. Pancasila principles based on :

  1. Belief in the One and Only God,
  2. Just and civilized humanity,
  3. The unity of Indonesia,
  4. And democratic life led by the wisdom of deliberations among representatives of the people,
  5. And achieving social justice for all the people of Indonesia.

Furthermore, freedom and freedom to choose religion are guaranteed by the 1945 Constitution of Republic Indonesia (UUD’45) on Chapter XI about Religion,  Article 29 :

(1) The State shall be based upon the belief in the One and Only God.

(2) The State guarantees all persons the freedom of worship, each according to his/her own religion or belief.

Although on the basis of the state Pancasila and The 1945 Constitution (UUD’45), Indonesian citizens are allowed to choose their own beliefs and religion, C0mmunism, M4rxism, and L3ninism ideology has been prohibited in Indonesia.

Prohibition of C0mmunism, M4rxism, and L3ninism since the failure of the coup by the Indonesian C0mmunist Party/PKI, and its isms become forbidden both of ideology and practice as organization or party through TAP MPRS/XXV/1966.

Religions in Indonesia

6 Religions that are Only Recognized and Allowed in Indonesia. Source : erwinedwar.com

Religion that has been recognized in Indonesia are Islam, Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, and Kong Hu Cu. Below Percentage of population based on the 2010 population census :

  1. Islam 87,18%
  2. Christian Protestant 6,96%
  3. Christian Catholic 2,91`%
  4. Hindu 1,69 %
  5. Buddha 0,72%
  6. Kong Hu Cu 0,05%

Based on the results of the census of the Logistic Center Of The Republic Of Indonesia (BPS), it is known that the total population of Indonesia is 237,556,363 people, with an Indonesian population growth rate of 1.49 percent per year, so there were 207,176,162 Indonesians embracing Islam.

Muslim population of indonesia. Source : sangpencerah.id

The most Muslim population is in the province of West Java, East Java, and Central Java. Muslim population in West Java (20,15%), East Java (17,43%) and in Central Java (15,12%).

While, based on the provincial population, the percentage of Muslim population above 90% is as follows:

  • Aceh 98,19%
  • West Sumatera 9,42%
  • Jambi 95,41%
  • South Sumatera 96,89%
  • Bengkulu 97,29%
  • Lampung 95,48%
  • Yogyakarta 91,95%
  • Banten 94,67%
  • West Nusa Tenggara 96,47%
  • South Kalimantan 96,67%
  • Southeast Sulawesi 95,23%
  • Gorontalo 97,81%

Meanwhile, in East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua, the Muslim population is relatively small (findindonesia.com).

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