Findindonesia.com – Hello everybody, every people in the world, introduce my self, im Indonesian. I like hiking, travelling and writing. So that, i build this blog to share all about information of Indonesia that looked many people in the world for.

First, i wanna say thanks to you cause visit my lite blog/website. This blog will contains all about Indonesian country, as like geographic, cultural, vacation, and other interesting like culinary too.

As you all as known, Indonesia is a one of beautiful country, that have amazing place for vacation. There are so many interesting to talk, to know and to find.

Second, I’m so sorry if my sentences difficult to understand. Need more gain for me to make unique and nice article. But dont worry because i am a learner, always like to learning something new, and wish i could give u something the best.

Third, i hope this site usefull for every people, whoever he is. Moreover for you, who are’nt Indonesian people, but interested and wanna know more about Indonesia.

Finally, this is my first post. Wait us to the next article. Wish u all happy, friends. Thank once more about visiting my blog.