Disclaimer and Term Of Service (ToS)

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Disclaimer and Term of Service (ToS)

By accessing findindonesia.com, you are considered to have understood and agreed to all Disclaimers and Term of Service (ToS) that apply in the use of this blog, as listed below:


  • The existence of findindonesia.com is just to share information all about Indonesia.
  • The information available in this blog is to be used for reference or reference only. Every article in this blog always contains information on time, date, month and year.
  • I do not guarantee that all information presented is accurate and complete so that I am not responsible for any errors and delays in updating information, or any losses arising from actions relating to the use of information contained in this blog.
  • I am very grateful if there are readers who are willing to inform me about the updates of articles that I have written through the comments column.
  • But even so, articles on this blog will still be written based on references that can be accounted for either from books or trusted sources.
  • On this blog there are several links to other sites that I mean to complete the information that I wrote at the time of writing and at that time still relevant. Therefore I am not responsible for the content or changes to the site content that I link to.

Term of Service (ToS)

  • If there are any posts on this blog that inadvertently offend others, please notify them on the contact page. I will edit or delete immediately if necessary.
  • Every reader or visitor of this blog is allowed to comment with a note that comments written can be accounted for, among others, do not contain racism issues for example or offend others.
  • You may publish part or all of the writing on this blog with or without asking permission first if you include a link to the text (it does not have to be an active link, as long as there is a findindonesia.com link …!)

Disclaimer and Term of Service page on blog findindonesia.com, this page will be updated if there are changes going forward. [This page was last updated on: Wednesday, February 27th, 2019].

Finally, I thank to you for visiting the findindonesia.com blog, hopefully it will be useful …!