Indonesia Travel Advice: for a Safe and Comfortable Vacation – Indonesia is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in terms of costs, making it the destination country for millions of foreign tourists.

Well, have you ever visited Indonesia before? Not yet? If you have never visited Indonesia, it’s a good idea to learn about Indonesia travel advice so that your vacation is safe and comfortable.

There are many things you need to learn because the culture in Indonesia can be very different from the culture in your country.

But you are lucky because in this post I will describe briefly and clearly, about travel advice when you visit Indonesia.

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So even if you are just about to start your first trip to Indonesia, you can ensure that your trip will run safely and comfortably.

Yes, I hope you will always enjoy visiting Indonesia, a country that is known to be very friendly to foreign tourists.

Besakih temple, Karangasem-Bali

1. Before you go to Indonesia, find out 17 basic Indonesian information such as the shape of the country, the basis of the state and others. You can read the following article >> 17 Basic Knowledge about Indonesian Country.

2. Indonesian culture and daily habits, such as how to eat, you can read in the following article >> 10 Daily Habits of Indonesians That Might Not Be Found in Other Countries.

Kumbolo Lake 2400 masl-Mount Semeru

3. Understand how to communicate with Indonesian people, the everyday language of Indonesian people is Indonesian. In general, Indonesian people at tourist sites are not very good at speaking English, only know a few words. Read the following article on how to communicate with Indonesian people >> How To Communicate With Indonesians in Around Tourist Attractions ?.

4. When should you go to Indonesia? The best time to go to Indonesia is (1) dry season: between April and September, (2) rainy season: between October and March. You can read more in the following article >> When is the Best Season / Best Time to Visit Indonesia?.

Kuta Beach-Seminyak Kuta Bali

5. The currency used is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Information about denominations and descriptions of food prices in Indonesia can you read the following article >> Don’t Forget to Prepare Rupiah, Before Visiting Indonesia.

6. If you want culinary, don’t forget the best Indonesian food menu like Rendang, Soto, Nasi Goreng and others, you can read in full in the following article >> 5 Indonesian Foods/Dishes That Have Been Designated As Indonesian National Food.

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta

7. When visiting Indonesia, you should use appropriately dressing, because the majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim. When visiting places of worship such as mosques or temples, short and open clothing is not permitted.

8. Also understand things that are prohibited in Indonesian law, such as drugs, drinking alcohol, homosexuality, extramarital sex, gambling and prostitution.

Raja Ampat-Papua-Indonesia

9. During the month of Ramadan, most Indonesians fast all day, so it is disrespected to eat, smoke and drink in public places, such as on the street. but in Bali is mostly unaffected.

10. When you are in Bali and this is a quiet day (a day of silence without activity), tourists are expected to obey this custom too, even though you can only staying in your hotel and doing nothing.

Tanah Lot-Bali

11. Beware and always be careful of the pickpocket, bag snatchers, and thieves in public vehicles, buses or at tourist attractions. If you fall victim to theft, call the police. Ask and record the police number in the area you are visiting.

12. Submit your official complaint to the Indonesian Consumer Protection Agency, if local services such as tour providers, accommodation and transportation work unprofessionally. (Badan Perlindungan Konsumen Nasional, Website: Kementerian Perdagangan, Jakarta. +61 21 348 33819 / Call centre: 153. Email:

Uluwatu-Bali-donkey dance

13. How about Indonesian visa rules? To be able to enter Indonesian territory or stay temporarily you need a visa. However, if you are a recipient of a visa-free entry, you are exempt from having a visit visa to enter the territory of Indonesia.

Recipients of visa-free entry, are given a residence permit for a maximum of 30 days, cannot be extended or diverted status (regulation of the Indonesian President in 2016). In the next article, I will review the list of countries with visa-free entry.

14. How do you reach Indonesian tourist destinations? Reaching Indonesia can be through air, land and sea gates. Well, you can read it in the following article >> How To Reach / Go To Tourist Attractions In Indonesia ?.

Wakatobi-South Sulawesi

15. To be able to communicate with mobile phones there are several cellular operators in Indonesia with GSM systems such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and 3. To top up a credit or credit, look for a store or kiosk marked “pulsa”. Credit of IDR 100,000 is sufficient for 1 week.

16. For internet access, besides you use an internet package from a cellular operator, you can also use the free wifi facility that you can easily find in tourist areas. In Jakarta, Bali or Surabaya and other big cities, hotels, and restaurants have provided free wifi for tourists.

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Well, friend, that’s the Indonesia Travel Advice from me, later when there are points that need to be added, I will update again. May be useful. Thank you… 🙂

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