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The 10 Main Work Fields of Indonesian People

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Findindonesia.comIndonesia which is in the form of an island state, from the past it was known as the maritime state as well as an agricultural country.

Of course the designation is inseparable from the fact that most of the Indonesian people are farmers and fishermen.

With 10,056 islands and fertile land, the agriculture, plantation and forestry sectors have enormous potential to absorb millions of workers.

Likewise with the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesian waters, which has the potential for unlimited marine wealth.

In 2018, the total population aged 15 years and over, is 127,067,835. From that amount spread to several sectors, such as agriculture, trade, processing industry, food beverage supply, construction and others.

In detail you can see the data below, these are the 10 main work fields or main jobs of the Indonesian people are based on data from the Logistics Center of Republic of Indonesia (BPS, 2018).

Indonesian farmer

1. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries : 38,700,530 (30.46%)

2. Large and retail trade; Car and Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance : 23,546,668 (18.53%)

3. Processing Industry : 17,924,002 (14.11%)

4. Provision of Accommodation and Provision of Food Drinking : 8,095,891 (6.37%)

5. Construction : 7.058,530 (5.55%)

6. Educational Services : 6,310,134 (4.97%)

7. Other Services : 6,267,326 (4.93%)

8. Government Administration, Defense and Mandatory Social Security : 5,348,057 (4.21%)

9. Transportation and Warehousing : 5,094,619 (4.01%)

10. Health Services and Social Activities : 2,013,513 (1.58%)

Agriculture in Indonesia

Indonesian agricultural sector divided into several agricultural sub-sectors, such as :

1. Agriculture for food ingredients

*Crops : paddy, corn, cassava etc

*Horticulture : vegetables, fruits, ornamental flowers and medicinal plants.

2. Livestock : chicken, cow, goat, duck etc

3. Fishery

*Fresh water : carp, tilapia, catfish, bawal etc

*Salt water : tuna, crab, lobster, shrimp etc

4. Plantation : tea, cacao, tobacco, rubber, sugar cane, clove, nutmeg, quinine, sugar palm, palm oil etc

5. Forestry : teak, sengon, mahogany etc

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