The Highest Mountain (7 Summits) In Indonesia

Posted on – Hello friends, did you ever visit to Indonesia before? As one of beautiful country Indonesia have many beautiful nature that wil amaze you all. One of it, Indonesia have beautiful of highest mountain (7 summits).

It was so fun, visit the mountain especially for the hiker. At a year, a real hiker at least hiking once time. Take adventure with nature and mountain is the one of unforgottable experience.

You can see the nice view when you are on the track. Not only local visitor, foreign visitor from other countries such as Malaysia, America, Russia etc also hike those mountain when they are visiting Indonesia.

All right, these are the highest mountain (7 summits) in Indonesia.

1. Mount Jaya wijaya 4884 masl (Papua Island)

Cartensz peak or Puncak Jaya. Source :

Mount Jaya Wijaya was located in Papua island (formerly Irian), the easternmost island of Republic Indonesia. Beside of that, Papua Island was a biggest island in Indonesia.

Jaya Wijaya, as highest peak in Indonesia, it also the one of seven summit in seven continent of the world. Namely Cartensz peak or Puncak Jaya, with altitude 4884 meter above seas level (masl).

Hight of Cartenz peak was represented the highest peak in Australia and Oceania, not Asia. In Asia, we already know that the highest peak is Himalaya, also the highest peak in the world.

2. Mount Kerinci 3805 masl (Sumatra Island)

Mount Kerinci-one of highest mount in Indonesia. Source :

Mount Kerinci is the highest mount in Sumatra and the highest volcano peak in Indonesia. Mount Kerinci was located In Bukit Barisan Regency, 130 km south of Padang City. And the status of Kerinci is still active and last eruption occured in 2009.

Mount Kerinci is part of the Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS).To climb Mount Kerinci you can choose 2 paths that is via Solok and via Kersik Tuo. At least, needed 12 hours to travel from basecamp to the peak of Indrapura.

3. Mount Rinjani 3726 msal (Lombok Island)

Mount Rinjani-one of highest mount in Indonesia

Mount Rinjani was located in Lombok Island, especially in North Lombok. Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano peak in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci.

Rinjani being a main purpose for all around the world hiker. The beautiful view of Rinjani always we are found during tracking. When u arrive at 2000 msal you will find the caldera that forms the lake, namely lake of Segara Anak.

Almost people that ever hike Rinjani said that Rinjani is best of the mount, many unforgettable experience got, so they wanna come back to hike Mount Rinjani in the next time. If you are interesting to hike Rinjani there are a few basecamp but via Senaru are recomemmended basecamp.

4. Mount Semeru 3676 msal (Jawa/Java Island)

Semeru, highest mount in Java-one of highest mount in Indonesia. Source :

Mount Semeru is the third highest volcano in Indonesia after Kerinci and Rinjani. But mount Semeru being the highest volcano mount in Jawa Island.

Mount Semeru was located in East Java, precisely in Malang and Lumajang regency. It’s being a part of nasional park of Bromo Tengger Semeru atau Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (TNBTS).

Mount Semeru have peak namely peak of Mahameru and have peak caldera namely Jongring Saloko. Mount Semeru is one of favorit almost of hiker. You will discover many beautiful view during tracking included lake of Kumbolo or well known as Ranu Kumbolo.

To reach the basecamp it was easy enough. If you depart from Surabaya, continue to Malang city, in Tumpang district. After that go to Ranupane the basecamp point in Lumajang regency. After registration you can start your hiking to Mahameru peak.

5. Mount Latimojong 3478 msal (Sulawesi Island)

Mount Latimojong-one of highest mount in Indonesia. Source :

Mount Latimojong with its peak Rante Mario, was the highest point in Sulawesi Island. Located in Sulawesi Selatan, specifically in Enrekang Regency. As a favorite hiking destination, Mount Latimojong always visited hiker from anywhere, either from domestic or foreign.

It has seven shelter that can used all hiker to take rest, set the tent before achieve summit. Interestingly, when you arrive at elevation 2000-3000 msal, you will find many vegetation that is montana type, if you are lucky sometime you meet the Anoa and Babi Rusa, the endemic animal of Sulawesi.

6. Mount Binaiya 3027 msal (Maluku Island’s)

Mount Binaiya-one of highest mount in Indonesia. Source :

Mount Binaiya was located on the islands of Maluku. Maluku from the past was famous for its spices aslike cloves and pallets. In other side, Maluku islands was famous for his highest mount, Binaiya.

Binaiya, specifically was located in Seram Island. So if you are fro Jakarta, you must flight from Jakarta to Pattimura Airport first in Ambon Island, then continue the journey by fast boat to Seram Island. Lastly, proceed to the basecamp to register for the climb.

7. Mount Bukit Raya 2278 msal (Kalimantan/Borneo Island)

Mount Bukit Raya-one of highest mount in Indonesia. Source :

The last of Indonesian seven summits is Mount Bukit Raya that is highest mount in Kalimantan Island. Being a part of Taman Nasional Bukit Baka Bukit Raya (TNBB-BR).

Bukit raya has the highest point that is Puncak Kakam with an altitude of 2278 msal. Despite not too high, Bukit Raya known as mount that scarcely to hike because its place deep within inland of Kalimantan.

To achieve it, you have to go to Pontianak in Kalimantan Barat (KALBAR) province. Then continue the journey to Nanga Pinoh Sub district (Melawi district), and end with a speed boat ride to the Rantau Malam Village. Then you can continue the hiking.

For several days of hiking, you will be accompanied by towering tall trees, typical of the jungle of Kalimantan. So, you will not meet a green savanna like in other mountains. Until you see the moss forest, the peak sign is near. (

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