The Travel Guide To Mount Bromo [Completed With Itinerary And Route] – Mount Bromo, is one of the main tourist destinations in East Java Province, Indonesia. The mountain with a height of 2,329 masl, is always a favorite tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Bromo, which is located in the area of “Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru” (TNBTS), is one of the best places to see the beauty of the sunrise in the morning.

The beauty of the panorama of Bromo is like a rose, beautiful but spiny. Even though Bromo has a beautiful view but he is “dangerous”, until now his status still as an active mountain and whenever it can erupt without us knowing.

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Well, in this article, I will share you about “Travel Guide to Mount Bromo that is Complete with Itinerary and Routes, with hope this article will be useful for those of who you will tour there.

What the object attractions can be enjoyed/obtained at Bromo ?

In Bromo, we can enjoy Sunrise on the Penanjakan Hill, Hill of Love, Bromo Crater with a diameter of 800 meters, Mount Batok, Teletubbies Hill, “Lautan Pasir”/Sea of sand, Savanna, Luhur Poten Hindu Temple, and the excitement of exploring Bromo area by horseback riding, Jeep or with a trail bike.

How to travel to Mount Bromo tourist sites ?

Access to Bromo is quite easy, and there are many route options. The types of transportation used are also many choices, depending on you, which one you prefer, by airplane, bus, train, and motorbike.

If from abroad, for example from Malaysia, you can go directly to Surabaya (direct flight) via Juanda Airport. Then from Juanda Airport, proceed to Bungurasih Bus Terminal, Surabaya.

From Bungurasih Bus Terminal the journey continues to several cities that are the entrance of Bromo, namely Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and Lumajang.

There are also bus options with the route of Jakarta-Jember, or Jakarta-Banyuwangi, just pay for the ticket of Jakarta-Probolinggo only.

For those of who you depart from Jakarta or western Java, you can also take the train. Look for the one heading to Surabaya. In Surabaya down at Gubeng Station.

Next take the Mutiara Timur train, that its route from Surabaya-Banyuwangi, departs at 9 am every day. Don’t forget to get off at Probolinggo Station.

Then the journey continues from Probolinggo Station to Probolinggo Bus Terminal with city transportation or “angkot”.

From Probolinggo Bus Terminal take the village transportation to the last village before Bromo, Cemoro Lawang. That’s an example of a train trip through the Probolinggo route.

Travel to Bromo can also be by motorbike, but the motormatic type is not allowed, because many cases of accidents are experienced by visitors with motormatic. You can use travel with a motorbike, if you are both with your friend.

Travel to Bromo with motorbike (background : Mount Batok)

Well, if you have arrived at Cemoro Lawang or Wonokitri, you can rent an inn or hotel there. Choose according to your budget. For cheap hotels, the price per room ranges from IDR 200.000-300.000.

After getting a hotel, use your time to rest so that your physical condition will be excellent tomorrow. Because tomorrow your journey is still long.

If you don’t want to rest, maybe you can walk in around the inn. There you will find many food stalls and warm drinks typical of Bromo, such as warm Indomie, warm ginger coffee.

Enjoying warm food and drinks in the cold air of Mount Bromo, the sensation is truly extraordinary and is an unforgettable experience.

Jeep, the vehicle we needed to Penanjakan Hill

Before back to the hotel, don’t forget to order a jeep to “Penanjakan Hill”, which will take you to see the sunrise. For the price of a jeep, you can negotiate with a jeep service provider. 1 jeep can be used for 6-7 passengers.

Sunrise looked from Penanjakan Hill

If you ride a motorbike, you can go straight to Bromo at 03:00-04:00 am in the morning. On holidays, you will see hundreds and even thousands of people who are ready to wait for the beauty of the sunrise at Bromo.

After the sun rises, there is a clear view of Mount Batok, against the background of the highest mountain on Java, Mount Semeru which rises high.

Eyes and hands as if they do not want to stop seeing and perpetuating these amazing natural phenomena.

At 6 o’clock, the journey continues towards Bromo crater through the Sand Sea and Luhur Poten Temple. After parking the jeep near Luhur Poten Temple, the trip to the Mount Bromo crater will go through many stairs.

View of Lautan Pasir/sea of sand, and Pura Luhur Poten

There will be many who offer horse riding services, to reach the stairs at the foot of the crater of Bromo. Suitable for those who you are too tired to walk.

Horse riding service

Arriving at Bromo Peak, the view of the Sea of ​​Sand, Pura and Crater will look so beautiful. Your struggle finally paid off. Your feeling of fatigue must have vanished at that time.

Bromo Crater

Not felt the time passed, the journey continued towards the Savanna and the Teletubbies Hill. After satisfied taking pictures, you can go back to your inn.

Generally, here are examples of itinerary :

03:00 – 03:15 : Pick up at the inn (around Bromo).

03:15 – 04:00 : Travel to “Penanjakan Hill”.

04:00 – 06:00 : Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise Bromo from climbing

06:00 – 06:30 : Towards the “Sea of Sand/Lautan Pasir”, Luhur Poten Temple and Bromo Crater

06:30 – 08:00 : Continue to Savanna and Teletubbies Hill.

08:00 – 09:00 : Go Back to the inn.

09.00 – finish : Go Back to Malang / Surabaya

4 Routes to Mount Bromo (via

1.Via Pasuruan – from the west

  • Surabaya – Pasuruan (40 km)
  • Pasuruan – Tosari (40 km)
  • Tosari – Wonokitri (3 km)
  • Wonokitri – Dingklik (6 km)
  • Dingklik – Penanjakan (4 km)
  • Penanjakan – Lautan Pasir (1 km)
  • Lautan Pasir – Mount Bromo (4 km)

2.Via Probolinggo – from the north

  • Surabaya – Tongas, Probolinggo (100 km)
  • Tongas – Sukapura (16 km)
  • Sukapura – Cemolo Lawang (27 km)
  • Cemoro Lawang – Mount Bromo (2.5 km)

3.Via Malang – from the west

  • Surabaya – Malang (89 km)
  • Malang – Tumpang (18 km)
  • Tumpang – Ngadas (28 km)
  • Ngadas – Jemplang (1 km)
  • Jemplang – Mount Bromo (10 km)

4.Via Lumajang – from the east

  • Surabaya – Lumajang (170 km)
  • Lumajang – Senduro (22 km)
  • Senduro – Ranu Pane (28 km)
  • Ranu pane – Jemplang (6 km)
  • Jemplang – Mount Bromo (10 km)

Some frequently asked questions

1. When is the best time to travel to Bromo ?

Bromo look cloudy in the wet season

The best time to travel to Bromo is when Indonesia is in the dry season which is between April and September, the weather will be sunny and not cloudy. at that time the sunrise will look so clear.

2. What needs to be prepared before going to Bromo ?

Physical and mental health. As well as compulsory equipment such as mountain jackets, flashlights/headlamps, gloves, skullcaps, masks/neck tubes, mountain shoes, medicines needed, such as asthma drugs, anti-wind medicines.

That preparation needed because the daily air temperature in Bromo is quite cold, ranging from 10-15 degrees Celsius. But it will feel colder during the peak of the dry season, ranging from 3-10 degrees to even minus degrees Celcius.

3. What is the Bromo tour fare ?

  • Rates for domestic tourists as of June 1 2019, working days / days: 29,000 IDR, holidays / days: 34,000 IDR
  • Rates for foreign tourists per June 1 2019, working days / days: 220,000 IDR, holidays / days: 320,000 IDR.
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