Why Numeral of 17 Was So Special Numeral for Indonesians ?

Findindonesia.com – Every country has a different tradition of numerals. There are special numerals or bad numerals.

As with numeral of 13 in America which is a bad numeral. So it is said there is the numeral of 13 not used on the hotel floor.

The numeral of 13, actually appears more in horror film titles like 13 Ghosts, 13Th Floor, Friday the 13Th, etc.

Different in America, different also in Indonesia. There is a special numeral for Indonesian people, namely numeral of 17.

The numeral of 17, philosophically expressing the atmosphere of religion and nationality for most of the Indonesian nation, is not an unlucky number as believed by Americans.

Here is a review of why the numeral of 17 was so special for Indonesians in general.

1. 17 Agustus (August 17)
August 17, 1945, is the birthday of NKRI. Yes, Indonesia was independent on August 17, 1945, after a long struggle. Therefore, August 17 is so special for all Indonesian people.

The commemoration of the birth of the Republic of Indonesia was carried out with many things, including many competitions. The goal is to remember the services of the heroes of independence and foster a new spirit in filling independence with productive activities.

2. 17 Rakaat
17 Rakaat is the total number of sholat for 1 day. Sholat is an obligation for Muslims, who form the majority of Indonesia’s population. But actually, 17 Rakaat are also very special not only for Indonesian Muslims but the Muslims in the world.

Sholat teaches people to always be thankful and pray to an almighty God. Therefore, people who are consistent in praying must avoid bad deeds.

3. 17 Ramadan
17 Ramadan is a day that is also no less special, especially for Muslim communities. On the 17th of Ramadan their holy book, the Koran, was first revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad. The event of the descent of the first Qur’an was known as Nuzulul Qur’an.

The Koran is a guide for humanity to be able to get happiness in the afterlife. The obligation of Muslims to the Koran is to believe, read, then practice the teachings contained in it. Reading the Koran also includes worship so that it will get merit.

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Well, that’s a review of why numeral of 17 is so special for Indonesians. 17 Agustus, 17 Rakaat and 17 Ramadan are numerals of 17 which are always remembered by Indonesian Muslims.

If the meaning of numeral of 17 is impregnated and practiced in the life of the nation and state, it will create a sense of calm and peace within each individual society.

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